I Don't Read Because Books are Heavy.

The average American will only read 1 book this year.  The average CEO will read 60.  People we don't have an employment issue in this county we have a lazy-man syndrome.  

According to this article the average CEO salary is $738,533.  The average salary for someone who has a B.S degree is $81,400. The average salary for someone without a B.S. is $50,054.

We must understand that it is not a fluke that CEO's make more money than the average person. They take more action then the normal person, they contribute more to the marketplace than the average person, they read more books than the average person. 

Want your income to go up? START READING BOOKS!

Some excuses you may make NOT to read a book:

1. I don't make enough money.

2. I don't know what book to read.

3. I don't have enough time to read.

4. I don't know how to read.

5. Reading makes my head hurt.

6. Books are so heavy to hold.

7. My glasses don't really work.

8. The dog has been sick.

9. How do I know its going to be worth it?

10. I'm to busy to read.

While your were taking the time to make all these excuses up the average CEO probably read 3 books, including one called "stop making bad excuses".  Let's face it noone is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true . If you want to increase your income there is no quick pill, no quick fix, and no easy way.  It takes long hours, hard work, consistency, and perseverance.

The best way I have found to stay motivated and have great ideas flowing in my head all day long is to read books.  Get creative with this, for some of you it may be turning off netflix and hulu at night, for others, like me, I listen to audio books all day long.

I have set a personal reading goal for this year of 60 books (currently on #17).  I dare you to join me in this journey.  Hint: the Bible has 66 books and there are 3 month reading plans for that, so you can destroy this goal in 3 easy months :). 

I have also added a 'Book Club' section to my blog for those of you that would like to see what I have been reading.

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

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Juice Cleanse - Day 2

Well day 2 down the hatch. Started the day off with a nice ^ Apple lemon blend concoction again it was delicious and today I still had plenty of hunger pains but my energy levels are up dramatically.

unlike last time I did the cleanse I am really noticing a spike in energy despite the lack of food I've been eating.  

I love doing these cleanses because it puts the amount of food that I can consume on a regular basis back into perspective  

I am looking forward to day three and actually I am planning on juicing more consistently and making juiceing more of a lifestyle change. 

so I leave you at the end of day two with a funny picture, as I prepped for day three I spilt my breakfast behind the fridge down the cabinets and made a giant mess.  

I call it bye-bye breakfast.  


The Podcast's at Meguiar's HQ

In an attempt to only have the very best thought leaders and action takers on the auto detailing podcast I reached out to the cream of the crop at Meguairs HQ in Irvine. 

Unless you have lived under a rock since 1900 you most likely know who or what Meguiars car care products are. 

I simply sent over a Facebook message to the "trainer of trainers" there who I noticed had gotten the attention of the podcast.

Jason was very very gracious with his time and knowledge about a wide variety of detailing things and agreed to have me come down to HQ. We recorded an interview last Friday afternoon.

Jason also intro'd me to Michael Stoops who is in charge of all the Meguiarsonline.com activities. They both invited me back today to record another episode, which turned into 2 seperate episodes (So much content for just one episode)on a very exciting area of paint  correction in the 21st century. 


After the interview, we planned to meet at SEMA, where they will intro me to Berry Meguiar, and most likely record a few more episodes, and shake hands with other high level detailers. They also gave me a quick tour of HQ and the training facilities where I took some selfies and a pretty sweet pic of their training class room.


These last few weeks have been a whirl-wind of activities in an industry that I love with some serious guys that are ultra passionate about what they do. 

Thank you to Jason and Michael and all my other past and future guest on the podcast. Together we will raise the bar for the detail industry.


Family Time is The Best Time

This weekend we took a short day trip out to Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley. I did a odor removal job on a 36 ft RV with smoke odor. Then we headed over to heathers aunts house for a nice swim and lunch. 

Our car decided to break down just after leaving but heathers parents saved the day and we ended up upgrading to a car with a skylight! 


Yes raegan is drinking coffee. But it's decaf and she loves it so YOLO! 



Life Update - The Podcast

Hey ya'll, it's been a few weeks since i've up dated this blog, and for good reasons: 

1. I finished The Auto Detailing Academy

2. I started a Podcast - The Auto Detailing Podcast - and currently trying have 1 full month recorded in advance with 18 episodes published as of this post. 

3. My wife is pregnant - Were having a boy [James aka Jimbo] 

4. Heathers business is starting to take off - Feathers On First

I have not taken the time to update this blog because ive been trying to decide if I want to keep the blog going or not, due to all the other sites I have going on, and considering I am enjoying recording audio content a lot more then trying to type and spell everything right. 

With that said - I still enjoy sharing my thoughts | Journey's | start-ups | failures | and eventually a success. So, this blog will transition from a business blog to a strictly personal blog that I will use as a "home base" to all my other online activities.  On this blog I will share family happenings, business tips, whats working in my businesses, and what is not working for my businesses.  

So I leave you with one thing that is working VERY well for me as of late and I plan on using it not only help others out in a massive way, but also to help promote my own products, both currently and in the future.  


In 14 short days I had over 1k downloads.  While some of the "big dogs" in the podcasting world get that many DL in minutes, most people don't see that many DL in such a short amount of time.  It does help that I am the only podcast that shows up in itunes if you search "auto detailing", but I plan on implementing some other things to help me stay ahead of anyone else that tries to add a auto detailing podcast in itunes. 

If you are looking for a new marketing advantage over your competition I would highly suggest starting a podcast. You can talk about literally anything and can format the show in any way you want to, because after all - ITS YOUR SHOW - Podcasting is a great way to reach the world with your message and your products! The barrier to entry can be $0 or you can go crazy and spend a few thousand dollars, but that is definitely not necessary to start. 

If you have questions about how to start a podcast and DO NOT want to buy someones product on how to start a podcast CONTACT ME and I would love to share what I have learned so far, completely free! - I wont even ask you for your email - 

Until next time - Start



Funky Friday - rip off edition

So the fam and I went to the OC fair a few days ago. While there I engulfed this thing they were calling a donut, I called it a slice of heaven. 

It was $8.75 which ment I pretty much got robbed. But it was worth working out early that day for. 

its a glazed donut with choclate frosting and bits of Reese's cup on top and takes up the whole plate. HELLO! 


That one time Seth Godin Emailed me...

I wanted to share with all of you a recent success/failure.  As I build my personal brand I am commited to bringing the best content, best motivators, best advice, best books and funkiest fridays I can come up with.  On my quest I have reached out to several top notch entrepreneurs and thought leaders for my spotlight sections of the blog. 

The entrepreneurs that I have reached out to have been very gracious with their time and energy and have contributed to help me bring you the best content possible.  

However, it hasn't been one success to another, and that is what I want to share with you today.  Behold, a failure and a success all wrapped up in one. 

An email from Seth Godin

It's a short email, five short words.  It was a late sunday afternoon when I had received this and three things rushed to my brain.

1. WOW - Seth Godin emailed Jimbo "nobody" Balaam! Awesome

2. Seth Godin Emailed me back, you see this wasn't the first time I emailed Seth, but the first time he emailed me back...PROGRESS! 

3. Failure - He isn't ready to contribute to my tribe. 

UPDATE #2: The Mobile Auto Detailing Academy

If you missed the first update you can read about it HERE...


This week has been much better than last.  I set two goals last week;

1. Understand Wishlist Member [a platform that helps to protect content I only want certain people to have access to, and can also "drip" out content automatically on a set time schedule] 

- I have a pretty firm grasp on WLM now.  I have all my content protected and have set up automation for a 6 week course in which people will automatically receive access to a new module every 7 days.  

2. Optimize Press [a landing page, membership page, and webinar template creator] 

- The more I played around in optimize press the more I fell in love with it.  I have set each of the 6 modules with a different membership page template that looks ultra-professional,  is elegant and simple for a student to learn from. 

This past week I also signed up with Cart66 for payment processing. My plan from the beginning was to make this site as automated as possible and Cart 66 is a huge help in sending automated email's and registration links. 

As of now the site is completely automated.  Which means someone can purchase the course and begin their training modules without me having to do anything! This has been a huge undertaking to try and find the right companies to work with and also make all of them talk to each other to make the process fluid [remember I do not code and have never built a website like this before, so the learning curve has been huge]. 

I created a private Facebook group for all academy students to act as a closed forum where they could ask questions and get advice from other mobile auto detailers, as a bonus to the already stacked 6 week course. 

This week I also contracted Brandon over at Dream Design Labs to sketch up a basic logo that I could include in the emails and on the site: 

What do ya think???

This next week is a biggy - 


1. Finish and upload Module 1 with video/audio/text 

2.Set up my facebook/google ads for the month. 



UPDATE #1: Mobile Detailing Academy

Here is an update from what's happenin' over at the Mobile Auto Detailing Academy, If your confused, check back to my last post about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 

Man 'O Man -- This week has been quite the challenge for a non-coder, non-programer, non-website builder, to not only build a website from scratch, but a website that has a massive amount of automation and also needs safe guards in place to protect content I only want paying customers to see. 

As I do with just about everything, I started to ask around for FREE help, considering I am operating on a ZERO budget,  to anyone who would like to help me.  INSERT PETE HERE: Pete is a marketing professional and we went to church together so I trusted him and his advice.  He told me run two plugins on my website:

1. Optimize Press - for themes and drag and drop website building [awesome for non-programer people like me.  You can have a decent page up in about an hour, it did take me many hours because I was being super picky] 

2. Wish List Member - Membership site controls, Helps automate, keep track of emails, and protects secured content easy [the caveat is the easy part, For me personally there has been many challenges and I still have not completely figured it out, which has led to 1 sleepless night where I feel asleep on the couch woke up around 11pm and worked on the site till about 2am, which led to an early morning email back over to Pete to ask for some more help] 

With all that said the site is up with a lot of work still to go.  The membership side is not up at all, nor is any of the payment gate ways. If you want to take a sneak peak go to 

The Mobile Auto Detailing Academy 

This week:  

1. I hope to fully understand Wishlist Member and Optimize press and how the integrate together.

2. Start recording course videos - I have all the PDF's ready to go, but since I decided to add video and audio I need to start recording content. 

3. Have the site working completely perfect, all automation set up and ready to start running Facebook and google ad's within the month. 

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 8.31.10 PM.png

The BIG announcement!

I have decided to do something a little different and fun on the blog...the BIG announcement...start an online business.

This will be a completely new venture for me, as I have never started a completely online business before.  The reasoning behind this project is many:

1. To spend more time with family - We recently announced that Heather is pregnant with baby #2, due in December. As baby #1 [Raegan} is rapidly approaching 2 years of age I am starting to realize how fast time goes - and I am not willing to simply let it pass. I want to make my schedule even more flexible then it is now.  I am not implying I want to work less, in fact quite the opposite, and I fully expect this new journey to be VERY time consuming in the beginning stages.

2. To generate income when I sleep - The major downside to my businesses now is that I physically have to be present to make money.  While I consider my self "super-blessed" with the amazing opportunity to operate the businesses I am currently, I have found in order to spend more time with my family I need to generate different streams of income from different sources that do not rely on my physically being present.  Also not being subject to circumstances that are out of my control would be a bonus. Again, I am not trying to work less, just different.

3. To have a greater reach - I am a Christian, and I believe God has gifted me with many gifts, both spiritually speaking and physically speaking.  One of my physically gifts being an "incredible car detailer" [as my clients say].  I do not feel like this passion for car detailing, that had led to many other opportunities, was simply intended just for me, but for a greater purpose, a greater reach. The only way to reach a massive audience is go to online.  In person teaching is great, but to reach the greater scope I must go online.

4. To make sure I live past 50 years old -  I detail any where from 25-50 cars each and every week.  My body is taking a beating and at the ripe age of 25 I am already starting to feel the effects.  By the way I joke with my senior friends, it would seem like I don't want to make it past 50 years old, but I am really looking forward to all those senior discounts and want to be able to walk, not scooter my way to them.

5. Empowering others -  Owning my own businesses has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life.  I now consider myself "UN-employable", simply because I have tasted and seen that entrepreneurship is the way to go. I want others to experience this also.

So, with all that I have begun to develop an online training course for Mobile Auto Detailer's called The Mobile Auto Detailing Academy. This will be a fully online training course on exactly how I started and run my Mobile Auto Detailing business.  I will include links on where to buy all the supplies/equipment, how to get clients, how to land big jobs, and how to set up your mobile detailing rig.  Later, I will be including extensive course on exactly how to detail a car for someone who has no prior knowledge of detailing.  I have noticed a need for a "modern way" of operating a detailing business as most of the online course's are way out-dated or very vague and expensive, and I hope to fill this gap in the market.

I will be writing here each week about what I have done in that week to start up my online business, get new clients, and any issues and failures I endure along the way.  I have no idea if this will be a success or not, and may be super embarrassing if it doesn't take off, but I believe in failing forward and learning from the journey.

- You miss 100% of the shots you don't take -

This week, I have bought the domain MobileAutoDetailingAcademy.Com and hosted it with Blue Host.

I have also created all the content for the first course, a 15 page in dept lesson on exactly how to start your own mobile auto detailing business. It is currently being proof read and revised by a person who holds a college degree, because I do not know how to spell!

By next week I hope to set up a landing page with Optimize Press. 

And start researching how I will market this product. 

The resources I am currently using on this project are:

Podcast: Entrepreneur on Fire, Smart Passive Income, Eventual Millionaire and Internet Business Mastery

Books: None currently stuck knee deep in the Steve Jobs Biography.

Websites: Google, Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income, FoodTrukr, and Internet Business Mastery.

If you have any ideas, encouragement, or would like to stay in the loop, please subscribe below and you will be emailed with the latest post!  You can also email me directly at JimboBalaam@gmail.com.


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