The Purpose. 

As my journey continues through my second boot strapped start up business, I have started to realize I am developing a passion outside of each business - a passion to help others start and run successful small business, because truthfully there's nothing better then running your own business and "not having" to be anywhere at any specific time on a specific day without getting fired [though this still can and will happen].

I also am beginning to accumulate quite an archive of tips and tools that I believe can help motivate and inspire other entrepreneurs, side-preneurs, wantrepreneurs, and not-yet-preneurs

During this new endeavor of writing a blog about my own journey I am also being mentored by big name entrepreneur thought leaders thru books and podcasting and mentoring [though she may not agree] my wife Heather as she boot straps her own start up Feathers on 1st.  

I hope to encourage some and show others tips and tools that I use on a daily basis to help start and grow both of my business.  I have no formal education outside of some general-ed classes at a local community college and do not claim to be an expert on anything.  However, Im a passionate learner who reads often, and listens to multiple podcast daily, and from these resources combined with about 7 years of entrepreneurship under my belt I hope to shine the light of how great and freeing it truly is to own and operate your own business. 

I hope to build a tribe/community of like minded individuals where we can share and spread idea's and maybe even co-lab on projects and start-ups.  Entrepreneurs are some of the most miss-understood people in our community today, we are outcast, weird-o's, odd-balls, no one understands us, yet we are the back-bone of the economy.