The Secret To Getting Ahead...

Everyone wants to know a secret, everyone LOVES gossip.  They say "just give me the 3 secret steps to success", "just tell me how to get ahead and ill do it".  The truth is the same people that ask these questions do not like the answers they get.  The answers usually entail something like "worker harder", "think outside the box", "keep going".  

Truthfully there isnt 'just 3 steps to success', there isnt a book you can read and from there on out have all the keys to success.  What is the definition of success any way? I bet if you asked 10 people you would get 10 different answers.  What I do know is success is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint, not even one segment of our lives, but a continuing journey that spans a life time. 

On the side of my bed I have a post-card sized peice of paper that gives me the answer to getting ahead everyday, and I'll give you the answer for free right now... the secret to getting ahead is to get started. Too many people wait for the "right time" "right circumstances" "right people".  

I started my journey in april of 2008, what else was happening around that time? The great recession, almost EVERYONE told me it was the worst time to start a business.  The stock market was in the gutter, people were losing jobs and their retirement left and right.  People were not spending any money and plus who would spend money on an luxury like a car wash anyway? But, if you never start you never get ahead. 

The next post will be about safeguarding your start up -- how to bulletproof your start up!


until then - get started,