That one time Seth Godin Emailed me...

I wanted to share with all of you a recent success/failure.  As I build my personal brand I am commited to bringing the best content, best motivators, best advice, best books and funkiest fridays I can come up with.  On my quest I have reached out to several top notch entrepreneurs and thought leaders for my spotlight sections of the blog. 

The entrepreneurs that I have reached out to have been very gracious with their time and energy and have contributed to help me bring you the best content possible.  

However, it hasn't been one success to another, and that is what I want to share with you today.  Behold, a failure and a success all wrapped up in one. 

An email from Seth Godin

It's a short email, five short words.  It was a late sunday afternoon when I had received this and three things rushed to my brain.

1. WOW - Seth Godin emailed Jimbo "nobody" Balaam! Awesome

2. Seth Godin Emailed me back, you see this wasn't the first time I emailed Seth, but the first time he emailed me back...PROGRESS! 

3. Failure - He isn't ready to contribute to my tribe.