I almost cried like a parent droping their kid off for the first day of school.

As I have mentioned here, my wife is launching her first business Feathers On 1st. Its a lifestyle brand that she has designed and printed all her own fabrics.  It all started a few years back when we needed some on trend pillows for our couch at home, and me being the very frugal (very cheap) person I decided I wasnt going to pay target for crappy pillows that fall apart.  Heather made the mistake (or wise decision) to telll me she could make some!

Wait, what? You can sew?

Turns out she was hiding a little talent, she was a sewing machine master.  I thought to myself, who still has a sewing machine?

A few days later we had some crazy good looking pillows on our couch that people just couldn't wait to ask where we got them from.  Me being the entrepreneur answered "heather's new company", problem was Heather hadn't started a company yet, well at least in her eyes!

A few weeks later after some late night deep convo's Feathers On 1st was created.

About as fast as it was thought of and created it sank into some quick sand called "pregnancy and baby number 1" Heather took a little over a year off from it and focused on this new thing that occupied the bedroom next door.  Her name is Raegan and she's no longer our roommate but our pride and joy!




Withh Raegan growing older each day and we as a family realizing we want a small tribe of kids came to the conclusion if we want to each anything other then rice and beans for the rest of our life heather will have to do some sort of work. The most time effective, of work would be to ramp up FOF (feathers on 1st, we abreav around here). 

She followed the things laid out in this post,bought some new equipyment, designed, had printed her own custom designed fabrics, laid out a marketing game plan as to how she was going to sell her products and of last week this happened! 


The start of something beautiful. Her very first legit craft fair. When I received this pic is when I ALMOST cried. 

My passion is the start up! I love everything about the feeling of helping someone live their dream. I love the feeling of not knowing if your doing the right thing and blazing a new trial for your life. I love not going with the flow and definitely not listening to everyone's advice to "play it safe and keep the safe job".   

Look guys you only have one life here on earth, why the heck are you just trying to grind it out in some job you hate? Blaze the new trail, follow your dreams, and have great stories to tell your grand kids some day!  


Start your passion today -