Activity breeds Activity

Get busy, Activity breeds more activity. 

I recently joined a networking group for my new start up Organic S+O, for this reason. Before hand I wasn't putting myself out there enough. I wasn't talking about this company like I depended on the income to eat dinner tonight. 

I would go weeks without talking about the company, without sharing how it could help so many people better their living conditions. 

I heard this quote, "activity breeds activity", thru a podcast and was immediately hooked. I vowed to never pass up another opportunity to tell people about Organic.  I joined a networking group that meets once a week with other 1-2-1 meetings throughout the week to make sure I would be getting plenty of talking in. 


After testing this quote I have found it to be true.  My activity is up, and so are my sales. The more activity I do, the more jobs I get.  Its a nice cycle to be in, try it.  


Don't wait for tomorrow, Start --