UPDATE #1: Mobile Detailing Academy

Here is an update from what's happenin' over at the Mobile Auto Detailing Academy, If your confused, check back to my last post about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 

Man 'O Man -- This week has been quite the challenge for a non-coder, non-programer, non-website builder, to not only build a website from scratch, but a website that has a massive amount of automation and also needs safe guards in place to protect content I only want paying customers to see. 

As I do with just about everything, I started to ask around for FREE help, considering I am operating on a ZERO budget,  to anyone who would like to help me.  INSERT PETE HERE: Pete is a marketing professional and we went to church together so I trusted him and his advice.  He told me run two plugins on my website:

1. Optimize Press - for themes and drag and drop website building [awesome for non-programer people like me.  You can have a decent page up in about an hour, it did take me many hours because I was being super picky] 

2. Wish List Member - Membership site controls, Helps automate, keep track of emails, and protects secured content easy [the caveat is the easy part, For me personally there has been many challenges and I still have not completely figured it out, which has led to 1 sleepless night where I feel asleep on the couch woke up around 11pm and worked on the site till about 2am, which led to an early morning email back over to Pete to ask for some more help] 

With all that said the site is up with a lot of work still to go.  The membership side is not up at all, nor is any of the payment gate ways. If you want to take a sneak peak go to 

The Mobile Auto Detailing Academy 

This week:  

1. I hope to fully understand Wishlist Member and Optimize press and how the integrate together.

2. Start recording course videos - I have all the PDF's ready to go, but since I decided to add video and audio I need to start recording content. 

3. Have the site working completely perfect, all automation set up and ready to start running Facebook and google ad's within the month. 

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 8.31.10 PM.png