UPDATE #2: The Mobile Auto Detailing Academy

If you missed the first update you can read about it HERE...


This week has been much better than last.  I set two goals last week;

1. Understand Wishlist Member [a platform that helps to protect content I only want certain people to have access to, and can also "drip" out content automatically on a set time schedule] 

- I have a pretty firm grasp on WLM now.  I have all my content protected and have set up automation for a 6 week course in which people will automatically receive access to a new module every 7 days.  

2. Optimize Press [a landing page, membership page, and webinar template creator] 

- The more I played around in optimize press the more I fell in love with it.  I have set each of the 6 modules with a different membership page template that looks ultra-professional,  is elegant and simple for a student to learn from. 

This past week I also signed up with Cart66 for payment processing. My plan from the beginning was to make this site as automated as possible and Cart 66 is a huge help in sending automated email's and registration links. 

As of now the site is completely automated.  Which means someone can purchase the course and begin their training modules without me having to do anything! This has been a huge undertaking to try and find the right companies to work with and also make all of them talk to each other to make the process fluid [remember I do not code and have never built a website like this before, so the learning curve has been huge]. 

I created a private Facebook group for all academy students to act as a closed forum where they could ask questions and get advice from other mobile auto detailers, as a bonus to the already stacked 6 week course. 

This week I also contracted Brandon over at Dream Design Labs to sketch up a basic logo that I could include in the emails and on the site: 

What do ya think???

This next week is a biggy - 


1. Finish and upload Module 1 with video/audio/text 

2.Set up my facebook/google ads for the month.