The BIG announcement!

I have decided to do something a little different and fun on the blog...the BIG announcement...start an online business.

This will be a completely new venture for me, as I have never started a completely online business before.  The reasoning behind this project is many:

1. To spend more time with family - We recently announced that Heather is pregnant with baby #2, due in December. As baby #1 [Raegan} is rapidly approaching 2 years of age I am starting to realize how fast time goes - and I am not willing to simply let it pass. I want to make my schedule even more flexible then it is now.  I am not implying I want to work less, in fact quite the opposite, and I fully expect this new journey to be VERY time consuming in the beginning stages.

2. To generate income when I sleep - The major downside to my businesses now is that I physically have to be present to make money.  While I consider my self "super-blessed" with the amazing opportunity to operate the businesses I am currently, I have found in order to spend more time with my family I need to generate different streams of income from different sources that do not rely on my physically being present.  Also not being subject to circumstances that are out of my control would be a bonus. Again, I am not trying to work less, just different.

3. To have a greater reach - I am a Christian, and I believe God has gifted me with many gifts, both spiritually speaking and physically speaking.  One of my physically gifts being an "incredible car detailer" [as my clients say].  I do not feel like this passion for car detailing, that had led to many other opportunities, was simply intended just for me, but for a greater purpose, a greater reach. The only way to reach a massive audience is go to online.  In person teaching is great, but to reach the greater scope I must go online.

4. To make sure I live past 50 years old -  I detail any where from 25-50 cars each and every week.  My body is taking a beating and at the ripe age of 25 I am already starting to feel the effects.  By the way I joke with my senior friends, it would seem like I don't want to make it past 50 years old, but I am really looking forward to all those senior discounts and want to be able to walk, not scooter my way to them.

5. Empowering others -  Owning my own businesses has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life.  I now consider myself "UN-employable", simply because I have tasted and seen that entrepreneurship is the way to go. I want others to experience this also.

So, with all that I have begun to develop an online training course for Mobile Auto Detailer's called The Mobile Auto Detailing Academy. This will be a fully online training course on exactly how I started and run my Mobile Auto Detailing business.  I will include links on where to buy all the supplies/equipment, how to get clients, how to land big jobs, and how to set up your mobile detailing rig.  Later, I will be including extensive course on exactly how to detail a car for someone who has no prior knowledge of detailing.  I have noticed a need for a "modern way" of operating a detailing business as most of the online course's are way out-dated or very vague and expensive, and I hope to fill this gap in the market.

I will be writing here each week about what I have done in that week to start up my online business, get new clients, and any issues and failures I endure along the way.  I have no idea if this will be a success or not, and may be super embarrassing if it doesn't take off, but I believe in failing forward and learning from the journey.

- You miss 100% of the shots you don't take -

This week, I have bought the domain MobileAutoDetailingAcademy.Com and hosted it with Blue Host.

I have also created all the content for the first course, a 15 page in dept lesson on exactly how to start your own mobile auto detailing business. It is currently being proof read and revised by a person who holds a college degree, because I do not know how to spell!

By next week I hope to set up a landing page with Optimize Press. 

And start researching how I will market this product. 

The resources I am currently using on this project are:

Podcast: Entrepreneur on Fire, Smart Passive Income, Eventual Millionaire and Internet Business Mastery

Books: None currently stuck knee deep in the Steve Jobs Biography.

Websites: Google, Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income, FoodTrukr, and Internet Business Mastery.

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