Life Update - The Podcast

Hey ya'll, it's been a few weeks since i've up dated this blog, and for good reasons: 

1. I finished The Auto Detailing Academy

2. I started a Podcast - The Auto Detailing Podcast - and currently trying have 1 full month recorded in advance with 18 episodes published as of this post. 

3. My wife is pregnant - Were having a boy [James aka Jimbo] 

4. Heathers business is starting to take off - Feathers On First

I have not taken the time to update this blog because ive been trying to decide if I want to keep the blog going or not, due to all the other sites I have going on, and considering I am enjoying recording audio content a lot more then trying to type and spell everything right. 

With that said - I still enjoy sharing my thoughts | Journey's | start-ups | failures | and eventually a success. So, this blog will transition from a business blog to a strictly personal blog that I will use as a "home base" to all my other online activities.  On this blog I will share family happenings, business tips, whats working in my businesses, and what is not working for my businesses.  

So I leave you with one thing that is working VERY well for me as of late and I plan on using it not only help others out in a massive way, but also to help promote my own products, both currently and in the future.  


In 14 short days I had over 1k downloads.  While some of the "big dogs" in the podcasting world get that many DL in minutes, most people don't see that many DL in such a short amount of time.  It does help that I am the only podcast that shows up in itunes if you search "auto detailing", but I plan on implementing some other things to help me stay ahead of anyone else that tries to add a auto detailing podcast in itunes. 

If you are looking for a new marketing advantage over your competition I would highly suggest starting a podcast. You can talk about literally anything and can format the show in any way you want to, because after all - ITS YOUR SHOW - Podcasting is a great way to reach the world with your message and your products! The barrier to entry can be $0 or you can go crazy and spend a few thousand dollars, but that is definitely not necessary to start. 

If you have questions about how to start a podcast and DO NOT want to buy someones product on how to start a podcast CONTACT ME and I would love to share what I have learned so far, completely free! - I wont even ask you for your email - 

Until next time - Start