The Podcast's at Meguiar's HQ

In an attempt to only have the very best thought leaders and action takers on the auto detailing podcast I reached out to the cream of the crop at Meguairs HQ in Irvine. 

Unless you have lived under a rock since 1900 you most likely know who or what Meguiars car care products are. 

I simply sent over a Facebook message to the "trainer of trainers" there who I noticed had gotten the attention of the podcast.

Jason was very very gracious with his time and knowledge about a wide variety of detailing things and agreed to have me come down to HQ. We recorded an interview last Friday afternoon.

Jason also intro'd me to Michael Stoops who is in charge of all the activities. They both invited me back today to record another episode, which turned into 2 seperate episodes (So much content for just one episode)on a very exciting area of paint  correction in the 21st century. 


After the interview, we planned to meet at SEMA, where they will intro me to Berry Meguiar, and most likely record a few more episodes, and shake hands with other high level detailers. They also gave me a quick tour of HQ and the training facilities where I took some selfies and a pretty sweet pic of their training class room.


These last few weeks have been a whirl-wind of activities in an industry that I love with some serious guys that are ultra passionate about what they do. 

Thank you to Jason and Michael and all my other past and future guest on the podcast. Together we will raise the bar for the detail industry.