I Don't Read Because Books are Heavy.

The average American will only read 1 book this year.  The average CEO will read 60.  People we don't have an employment issue in this county we have a lazy-man syndrome.  

According to this article the average CEO salary is $738,533.  The average salary for someone who has a B.S degree is $81,400. The average salary for someone without a B.S. is $50,054.

We must understand that it is not a fluke that CEO's make more money than the average person. They take more action then the normal person, they contribute more to the marketplace than the average person, they read more books than the average person. 

Want your income to go up? START READING BOOKS!

Some excuses you may make NOT to read a book:

1. I don't make enough money.

2. I don't know what book to read.

3. I don't have enough time to read.

4. I don't know how to read.

5. Reading makes my head hurt.

6. Books are so heavy to hold.

7. My glasses don't really work.

8. The dog has been sick.

9. How do I know its going to be worth it?

10. I'm to busy to read.

While your were taking the time to make all these excuses up the average CEO probably read 3 books, including one called "stop making bad excuses".  Let's face it noone is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true . If you want to increase your income there is no quick pill, no quick fix, and no easy way.  It takes long hours, hard work, consistency, and perseverance.

The best way I have found to stay motivated and have great ideas flowing in my head all day long is to read books.  Get creative with this, for some of you it may be turning off netflix and hulu at night, for others, like me, I listen to audio books all day long.

I have set a personal reading goal for this year of 60 books (currently on #17).  I dare you to join me in this journey.  Hint: the Bible has 66 books and there are 3 month reading plans for that, so you can destroy this goal in 3 easy months :). 

I have also added a 'Book Club' section to my blog for those of you that would like to see what I have been reading.

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

Just Start --