10 Business Ideas To Start Today...

Are you stumped on what type of business you want to start? Think you don't have any great ideas? Super low on start up cash?

The key to getting ahead is to get started -- we can do this together.  You do have awesome ideas stop telling yourself you suck.  No cash-flow? These 10 businesses can be started tomorrow for around $100 - WARNING - they are service based [because for now that is what I know best] and require an extreme amount of hard work - if none of these are appealing to you, well, there's another blog for that...somewhere.

1. Dog walking service: Got shoes? Do your neighbors have jobs and pets? Go knock on their door tonight and tell them you will walk Fido 5 days a week for $___/wk.  They already have a leash and treats for him too - plus we all could use some exercise. And its summer time, bust out them tank tops! Make your friends envy your non-farmers tan.

2. Dog Poop Picker Upper- Its dirty, smelly, and one of the worst parts of owning an animal - but you're poor and need cash and if you're already walking Fido tell the owner for an extra $__/wk you will pick up all the poop in the yard.  UP-SALE BABY! BOOM!

3. Sport Photographer:  Own a good camera? iPhones and 'point and shoots' do not count - but if you have a good DLSR camera, and it just so "happens" to be baseball season, soccer season, or your daughter is in ballet class, you're in business! Your company name is "Your name" Photography.  Get 1,000 business cards printed here and go start taking pics of kids and handing out business cards to their parents. WARNING: if you look sketchy, or don't like kids stick with the dogs for now.

4. House Cleaner:  If you're unemployed or want to start a side business, ask yourself, how clean is your house? Clean? Good, you can do that for someone else too.  Again start with some business cards, pick a neighborhood and do some guerrilla marketing.  You can probably even get the house owner to buy the product from you to clean their house.

5. Window washer: Go to home depot buy this,this, and this.  Now go to a shopping center and walk into every single store.  Tell them you are running a special TODAY ONLY to clean all their windows for $__. You should get atleast one person to go for it, and probably make the money back that you spent on the products earlier that same day. 

6. Amazon FBA: This my friends is a gold mine. Google it, basically you buy stuff on clearance and upload to amazon for them to re-sell for you.  Great tools to find out more are Profit Bandit App, and Jessica Larrew.  There's a little learning curve, but YOU GOT THIS!

7. eBay: You got junk in the trunk and a car that sits outside every night?  Start clearing out your garage and get all your old stuff listed on eBay.

8. Yard Sales: The stuff you couldn't sell on eBay will for sure sell for $.25 in your driveway on a Sunday morning.  Heck you can even go to all the other yard sales on Sunday to buy other people's junk, clean it up and put it back on eBay.

9.  Auto Detailing: Now that your garage is cleared out, you have space to start honing your auto detailing skills, remember youtube is your friend.  Start on your own car and practice, practice, practice.  Don't try and do it all, and stick to friends, family and neighbor's cars until you get all the tricks down. Autogeek has great supplies that beat Autozone prices and quality any day -- This is exactly how I started my first business -- Thank you Debbie for being my first client! I made $80 in 3 hours, and had a sore right arm for a week. How to wash your car. 

10. Consulting: Just get fired from your job at _____? You're not unemployed...you're a consultant doing exactly what you just got fired from. Order some business cards and start flappin your jaw to the guy at the table across from you at Starbucks tomorrow morning, If he doesn't want to talk to you, ask the person in line behind you if you can buy their drink today! It's their lucky day, they get to hear your pitch and even get a free drink out of it. Win-Win.

**also, don't forget to work the contact sphere you already have.  Talk with your parents, friends, heck anyone that will listen and tell them that you started a business, I bet they know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who needs your service!**

Looks like you're gonna be busy this week -- Get Started!