My Companies: 

The Auto Detailing Podcast - Interviews with today's top detailers and daily quick tips for you to help grow your auto detailing business! 

Organic Sanitizing + Odor Removal - We remove any odor in any space.  Whether its smoke, barf, musky, or any other odor, we can remove it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Jimbo's Auto Detailing - Mobile auto detailing right at your location.  We provide all our own water, power, shade, and tools to get the job done.  Don't waste time at the car wash with sub-par results.  Call JAD and get it done right. 

The Mobile Auto Detailing Academy - An online resource for those who already know how to detail cars, but are looking for a step by step resource on how to start and grow their own detail business! 

HostGator: :  A great place to buy domains and get your sites hosted. HG makes it super easy to find open domains and purchase them right away.  If the domain you want isnt open it will give you a host of other options. 



FreshBooks:  Cloud Accounting - Great mobile and desktop interfaces, keep track of all expenses, your time, customers, and income, super easy to use and makes tax time a breeze.  Free for 30 days, also enter "fire" at check-out and be entered to win a birthday cake. Seriously. 

Audible:  Its like books on CD, but instead of having a CD-player in your pocket the books download right to your smartphone, so you can listen on the go where ever you are.  I can usually get through a book in a few days listening to it.  A great way to look like an over achiever when it comes to reading books. 

PODCAST: 2014 is the year of the podcast.  If you dont have VC funding and are on a short shoe string budget like most of us in the real world outside of Silicon Valley, Podcast are for you!  Even though you are not backed by VC money you somehow have enough to afford an iPhone, so do yourself a favor and get the podcast app, plug in your beats by dre and get busy listening to everything and anything you can! I will do a post later about all my favorite ones. 

Google Voice: In 1989 if you had multiple numbers you would have multiple "portable phones" on your belt clip - leave it to google to change that, its kinda ghetto and there are some obvious downsides, but its FREE and you can have multiple phone numbers that all ring to one phone.  When starting out I would recommend getting a different number then your personal line and with google voice you can do both from one phone. 

Dream Design Labs: If your serious about wanting a killer logo design, website layout, or anything else having to do with your marketing, these guys are on point! Tell them I sent you over and maybe, just maybe Brandon will buy me lunch one day. Thanks in advance. 

Squarespace: If your boot strappin' and eating top ramen for dinner every night. This is where you need to start.  If you sign up and pay for the year they give you a free domain.  Template based with full optimization and also tracks all your traffic to your site like Google Analytics.  You can also integrate an online store right into your site, but you have to upgrade and pay a little more. 


Square:  Accept ANY credit cards from ANY where with your smart phone or tablet.  There are no fee's until you get paid and the fees are pretty low considering you get the money deposited directly to your bank account the next day.  In my experience people are elated when you tell them they can pay with a CC.  Take advantage of the up sale, people will pay more when they are paying with a CC vs. Cash.