John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneur On Fire

EntrepreneurOnFire is a top ranked, 7-day a week business podcast, hosted by John Lee Dumas, interviewing today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs. They share the journey of their spotlighted guest, highlighting a failure and lessons learned, an AH-HA moment and the steps taken to turn that moment into success, and the LIGHTNING ROUND where John asks five questions that extract nuggets of wisdom from his guests.

Guys, if you are not listening to podcast you need to get with it.  2014 Is the year of the podcast.  There is tons and tons of free info waiting for you to listen to.  Pick a topic that you are interested in and I bet there's a podcast waiting for you. 

EO Fire is by far one of my favorite business podcast, and John's easy going style extracts pure gold from his guest.  Since John is an audio guy he decided to record himself answering the questions I gave him. Enjoy!